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What’s The Best Acne Brush? 5 Best Facial Brushes, Compared

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Here's the deal with face brushes: everyone knows that your first line of defense against acne is giving your skin a super thorough, purifying clean. 

If your skin isn’t cleansed properly, it literally doesn’t matter what else you do to your skin - treatments won’t absorb, makeup won’t sit quite right, and it (in super dramatic cases) could even cause your skin to look older than you actually are. Idk about you, but I want NONE of that. Having an acne brush in your arsenal is absolutely key for stopping all of these problems at the root - by deep cleansing your skin.

Acne-causing bacteria and leftover makeup grime are the NUMBER ONE culprits that cause breakouts. They block pores and cause inflammation, leading to waves of pimples and zits. Ugh! This is where a decent acne skin brush comes in - they can sweep away every little speck of dirt, makeup, and oil, purifying your skin and prepping you for the best skin of your life (no exaggeration!)

Finding the right acne facial brush for you to take care of your skin now and in the long term starts here - each of these facial brushes works to naturally clarify and cleanse your skin for some serious glow.

Read on and we’ll find out what’s the best facial brush for acne for you!



Our Rating


Best acne brush Michael Todd

Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Brush System

Best acne brush Clarisonic

Clarisonic Mia Smart Sonic Face Brush

Best acne brush Foreo

Foreo Luna 2 Personalized Cleansing Brush

Best acne brush Clarisonic

Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleansing Brush

Best acne brush Silk'n

Silk’n Pure Facial Cleansing Brush

1. ​The Patented Anti-Bacterial Brush

Best acne brush Michael Todd
  • Patented antibacterial technology
  • Brush head for every skin type
  • Brush head for every issue

The Michael Todd Soniclear Brush system is developed with patented antibacterial technology on each of their brush heads, stopping harmful bacteria build up from spreading to your gorgeous face from your brush. This is a GAME CHANGER because the absolute last thing you want is germs constantly being passed back and forth between your face and a dirty brush. Like, ew.

It’s so important that ANY tool (especially a cleansing brush for acne) that you use on your face is completely germ-free - and I love how their system works hard to ensure that. Other than changing the game with their antibacterial brush heads, the Soniclear system also offers brush heads that target specific skin issues - perfect for every single skin type. 


  •  Anti-bacterial
  •  Customizable brush heads


  •  Need to keep buying brush heads

2. ​The Brush with the Latest Tech

Best acne brush Clarisonic
  • Customizes your cleansing routine
  • "Change brush head" indicator
  • Phone application

The Clarisonic Mia Smart is the latest offering in high-tech Clarisonic acne brushes - you can completely customize your Clarisonic's cleansing routine from the app on your phone (we really live in the future, don't we?!), prioritizing your problem areas to treat your skin. It's also compatible with Clarisonic's latest brush and massage head offerings that will give you an overall incredibly spa-like treatment - yes, please!

Their latest development in Clarisonic acne brush heads also come with a super handy little indicator that tells you when it’s time to swap out your brush head, which I absolutely love - it takes out the guesswork (when did I start using this brush head again?) and totally reduces the risk of contaminating your gorgeous, clear skin with acne-causing germs again.


  •  Most high tech offering
  • Tells you when it needs to be changed
  •  Customizable brush heads


  •  Have to keep buying brush heads
  •  No anti-bacterial technology

3. ​The Extra Hygienic Brush

Best acne brush Foreo
  • 35x increased hygiene
  • No need to buy replaceable brushes
  • Budget friendly option

The Foreo Luna doesn’t have replaceable brush heads like the others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not as hygienic - the sturdy, medical grade-silicone bristles are made to be resistant to bacterial and gunk build up.

It’s also designed to be super fast drying, preventing moisture from feeding nasties like mold and mildew (ewww!) on your brush. Foreo claims their brush is a whopping 35x more hygienic than nylon brush heads - yep, THIRTY-FIVE. Like all acne scrub brushes, you should still dedicate the extra few minutes of your day to clean and dry the Luna to ensure you totally maximize that 35x increased hygiene factor for your skin. It also doesn't require you to keep buying brush heads to use, so it has the added bonus of reducing waste and overall more budget friendly when compared to the others - win-win!


  • Anti-bacterial technology
  • Don’t need to keep buying brush heads


  • Non-customizable bristles

4. The 6 Times Cleaner than Using Your Hands Brush

Best acne brush Clarisonic Mia 2
  • All-time classic
  • Huge variety of brush heads
  • 6x better than hands

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is the original acne cleansing brush that I remember lusting after for forever. The ability to cleanse your skin SIX TIMES BETTER than your hands incredibly effectively removes any and all makeup residue, excess skin oils, and decongests pores. The Mia 2 is probably the most basic brush on this list, but it honestly does everything you need it to do (and does it well.)

Using a Clarisonic for acne is made super simple by the incredibly wide variety of brush heads for literally every skin type and every skin concern - the Clarisonic acne brush head is specially designed to gently decongest and cleanse skin and won’t lead you wrong. 


  • Customizable brush heads


  • Have to keep buying brush heads
  • No anti-bacterial technology

5. The Ultimate Pore Shrinking Brush

Best acne brush Silk'n
  • Cleanses away impurities
  • Helps shrinks pores
  • Different speed settings

The Silk’n Pure Facial Cleansing Brush is ah-mazing for getting right into pores and cleansing away impurities. This handy little acne spin brush delivers the perfect balance of intensive and gentle cleansing that not only gets rid of acne, but it also shrinks pores. Sometimes, I feel like my cheeks look a little more like an orange peel than skin, but regularly using a professional-grade acne cleansing brush like the Silk'n Pure Facial Brush will keep pores clear and satisfyingly small. 

Its different speed settings and brush head options mean that there is a solution for everyone to have clear, glowing skin - right in the comfort of their own bathroom. An acne face brush like this one is super simple but works well to clear and purify acne-prone skin.


  • Customizable brush heads


  • Have to keep buying brush heads
  • No anti-bacterial technology

What’s the Bottom Line?

So, what’s the best facial cleansing brush for acne?

It’s really down to the wire here - the two acne brushes that I had it down to are the Michael Todd Soniclear and the Foreo Luna. It is so crucial that whatever facial cleansing brush you use is completely clean and free of bacteria and grime - so I adore that these two products are developed to naturally fight off any pimple-causing bacteria, ensuring that your skin is deeply cleansed and that the chances of breakouts are close to zero.

For me, the Foreo Luna edges just ahead of the Soniclear because I don't have to replace the brush heads all the time, bringing down the cost per use PLUS being just that little bit more environmentally friendly, both of which are just cherries on top of its fabulous built-in antibacterial powers. Win-win!

And don’t forget…

Whichever brush you choose to deeply cleanse and tackle acne, it's always important to wash and dry any acne facial brush between uses to keep it free of breakout-inducing nasties - don't solely rely on any built-in antibacterial abilities to keep them clean. Regularly cleansing removes unsightly makeup stains and keeps the brushes in better condition.

Always clean them after use with soap and detach the brush head to dry separately from the body, when possible - proper care of your acne spinbrush will maximize your use out of them for clearer, happier skin.

Happy cleansing!

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Choosing and using best acne brush

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