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A Face Slimming Cream That Works: Does it Exist?

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I know I'm not alone when I say that I've looked in the mirror countless times, pinched my cheeks and wished that there was something I could do to look less like a chipmunk! I thought my baby fat was supposed to disappear as a teenager - I'm well into adulthood and I still get asked for my ID. I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm tired of being asked by strangers what my plans are after high school!

So, I’m trying out a face slimming cream in my hopes to actually look my age - but still youthful, obviously. They’re designed to give you what’s commonly called the V-Line or V-Shaped face. There are actually a lot of ways out there to slim down your jawline - everything from plastic surgery, to face massaging tools, to the topic of this post - a face slimming cream. Just like with slimming creams for your body, abs, and wherever you want it to work - there are slimming creams for your face.



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​Vela Contour V-Firming Cream

​V2U V-Shape Face Anti-Aging Serum

​Vela Contour V-Line Serum

How can I make my face skinnier?

Making your face look smaller is a careful balance of exercise, facial massage, and using a slimming face cream. If you wanna know how to slim face in a week, be patient for the true results! There are a lot of ways to temporarily de-puff and slim your face, but true results take time. The right face slimming products will help to circulate and move away any fluids being retained in the area for a smaller, slimmer face. Massaging, whether with a tool or your hands improves circulation and may promote lymphatic drainage, moving away any excess fluids in your cheeks and jawline.

Facial exercises can help, too - did you know that facial yoga is a thing?! Using the right muscles helps to lift specific areas around your face, firming and tightening it overall for a smaller-looking face.

And no, I don’t mean that you need to exercise your face with this face-slimming gadget from Japan:

Some useful face slimming exercises include:

1. Saying X and O as many times in a row as possible

2. Fill your mouth with air and push the air around like you’re rinsing with Listerine.

3. ​Suck in your cheeks, making a fish face and hold for ten seconds

How to use a face slimming cream?

​Using a face slimming cream is as easy as applying it to your face - but there are definitely things that you can do to make sure you're getting the maximum face-slimming effect. Some brands suggest using a face-slimming like this as well as the cream, but I think I'll pass on the Hannibal Lector cosplay this time around.

Image from Aliexpress

Because I don't want to look like I'm going to a Halloween party every time I use my skincare, I'm going to stick to facial massage - it's really the best way to get the most out of your facial slimming cream!

Face Slimming Cream + Facial Massage = Skinnier Face

Long-lasting results from a slimming cream take time, but you can boost these results by using a facial massage tool alongside your facial slimming cream. For most massage tools, their ultimate goal is to boost circulation. This enhances the effects of the ingredients and allows any fluid buildup to be carried away from your face for a slim, chub-free face.

​And the best thing is that you don't necessarily need any tools for a facial massage! You can do it with clean hands if that's what you prefer. This is actually a perfect facial massage routine that you can do on yourself for ultimate relaxation and a way to boost your face slimming cream.

​Some popular facial massage tools du jour are the jade roller and gua sha. They’re two very different tools that help to slim the face down. Here’s a quick breakdown of what they do:

The main difference between the two is the amount of pressure they actually use - using a gua sha provides a deeper massage that affects the face at a deeper level, while the jade roller depuffs and soothes closer to the surface of the skin. The gua sha is perfect for supporting lymphatic drainage, carrying away excess fluid from the face for a sharp V-Line - it’s actually what I prefer of these two tools, but that doesn’t mean the jade roller isn’t good either!

For a supercooling treat and extra-strong depuffing action, put your jade roller in the freezer - the cool jade soothes skin and brings down swelling even faster in colder temps. It's also a welcome relief in the summertime! This is one of the fastest ways to temporarily  and instantly slim your face.

Okay, now that we’ve gone over the best ways to use a face slimming cream - which ones are the best?

1. ​Vela Contour V-Firming Cream

​When it comes to impressive face slimming cream before and after photos, this one really caught my eye. It's designed to firm and slim along the jawline for a clean contour - perfect for someone that wants to slim down their chipmunk cheeks like me. It's non-greasy but still has enough slip to use with a face massager. The only thing that brings this product down for me is the size - it's pretty small for a face cream at 1 fl oz, which is a size that you'd expect from a serum.

2. ​V2U V-Shape Face Anti-Aging Serum

The V2U serum has a lot packed into a single bottle - it has an impressive ingredients lists to tackle all kinds of skin concerns, from hydration, uneven skin tone, and facial slimming all-in-one. While it’s not a cream, I think that there’s a lot more to enjoy when a facial slimming product comes in a more lightweight, serum form. Traditional ‘fat burning creams’ usually have a heavy texture that just isn’t going to be comfortable on your face - so I’m glad to see serum options.

It boasts a natural ingredients list that won’t irritate sensitive skin but still slims down chubby cheeks and double chins - sounds like a win-win to me! It dries down quickly without any stickiness, so it’s perfect for adding to your regular skincare routine. The V2U serum boasts a 1.7 fl oz bottle, which is the most generous of all the face slimming creams on this list.v

3. ​Vela Contour V-Line Serum

Another offering from Vela, this time in the form of a serum. Like I said before, I think that facial slimming products in serum form are way easier to incorporate into your routine, and therefore get the most out of them. This serum is targeted for your neck and jawline area - perfect for getting that V-Shaped face.

The serum does have a tingle when you apply it - but the company says that this is normal and it's just the product working. It comes in a 1 fl oz size, which is normal for serum and could likely last a while if it's just applied to jawline and neck. It contains peptides to firm and nourish skin, plus a bunch of skin moisturizers and other nourishing ingredients.

Which one is the best facial slimming cream?

At the end of the day, to me, a product that’s worth it has to be effective and a reasonable size for the price. That’s why my pick of this round is the V2U Serum - it’s a pretty decent size for a serum, plus it does more than just slim down chubby cheeks. It’s great for my overall skin health as well - something that shouldn’t be overlooked in favor of trying to get a skinny face. Combined with a gua sha or whatever your favorite facial massage tool is, I don’t think this serum will disappoint anyone.

Here’s to good skin days ahead! (Minus the chubby cheeks!)

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